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Thanks and Sponsorship

The Berkshire Chamber Music Festival would like to pay special thanks to all our sponsors and educational partners. This support helps us to continue our important community work which takes us to primary schools, hospitals and care homes as well as supporting our concerts. Particular thanks go to the Bergman Lehane Trust, the Greenham Trust, the Bernard Sundley Foundation, the Englefield Trust, the Berkshire Community Foundation and the Newbury Building Society. 

We are very, very lucky to have been offered Matched Funding by the Greenham Trust, if you would like to donate to the 2024 festival, please do so here

We are also hugely grateful for the support of each of the venues and kind people who help us coordinate our workshops and concerts. Huge thanks must also go to our trustees, Jeremy Ball, Daisy Greenland, Leslie Philpot and Margaret Edwards. 

If you are interested in supporting the Berkshire Chamber Music Festival by becoming either a friend or sponsor, please contact us here or call 07753120341. Your support is invaluable in sustaining the festival and our musicians especially in this difficult time for the arts. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in helping the festival on a voluntary basis. 

Sign up to our mailing list here.

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